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Terms and Conditions

Christian Radio Broadcasters have the right to select radio stations that are suitable for our website. After looking at website, and statement of faith, we will seriously consider each application.

These are the conditions:

1. Each radio station must have a licence to broadcast music,

    or get written permission from the artist if they are unsigned.

2. Material broadcasted must be purely Christian material.

3. Each radio station owner must be responsible for their own radio station.

4. If a station is heard to be making sexist or racist remarks, it will be contacted and      if need be removed from this website.

5. All appliciants must have a Skype account.

6. We will randomly monitor broadcasts.

7. All applications are subject to the broadcasters statement of faith and approval of      their website.

8. We have the right to change the terms and conditions at any time.

9. Any station that remains at the bottom of the charts for four weeks, we have the      right to remove.

10. We have the right to remove any station that we feel is teaching false doctrine.

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Christian Radio Broadcasters spreading the Good News Of Jesus

This website was built by Bill Terry, from The Bridge To Life Radio,

with the help of the Holy Spirit. Praise God!

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